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SeederVerse Tokenomics

SEED is the reward currency in SeederVerse with no max supply except initial minting for LP, exchange, and warchest; SEED can be minted to serve as a game reward for SeederVerse a play-to-earn game
On/off chain bridging and action set SeederVerse utilize on chain-off chain capability to make sure the best experience of the player so in order to play the game in an off-chain environment, players need to send resource purchased on-chain “Real world” to off-chain “SeederVerse” to use resources or send back resources acquired to on-chain to sell/transfer using the “Seeder Bridge”. Once the living resource is transferred to the SeederVerse, they will need to receive “Seed” (SEED) to recharge their stamina in order to operate.
To explain it further: Real world (on-chain) meant for all the interactions that need to be validated on blockchain e.g. sending SeederVerse being or items through Seeder Bridge, change ownership of NFT items, minting new Seedmon through Gacha, ... SeederVerse (off-chain) meant for all the SeederVerse related actions that don't need to be validated on the chain e.g. acquire/spend game items, receive in-game token reward, charge energy, ...
$SEED will be introduced as the reward currency in SeederVerse with no cap on the supply. However, except initial minting for LP, exchange, and warchest; SEED can only be minted to serve as the game reward only.
SEED is only minted on the fly to reward players when they achieve game objectives. No reward per block set for minting; hence, the inflation will grow proportionally with active users.
Total Supply
Initial Supply
Initial Liquidity
Exchange Listing
Warchest & Other Expenses
1 : 1.08
SeederVerse will make a revenue from:
  1. 1.
    Items sales (on chain only -- off chain items considered as deflation)
  2. 2.
    Seeder Bridge fee (Tax on SEED minting on blockchain)
Revenue sharing will be the same as other blooming reward feature:
  1. 1.
    Burn - 60%
  2. 2.
    TREE Holders - 35%
  3. 3.
    Dev - 5%
Deflationary Factor:
SEED Rewards can be claimed every 15 days with cap amount, configurable by game master to make sure that users that need immediate use of SEED need to buy it from the market first.
Players need to pay a 5% fee to mint SEED on the chain as a gas fee for Oracle, “Seeder Bridge toll - to Binance”, each time they want to claim SEED reward to take profit (Seeder Bridge to BSC).
Other NFT items, or SEED bought on chain and sent to Seeder Verse through smart contract are exempt from this rule since players can directly unstake those items on chain though smart contract.
To create demand for SEED, it will be used in multiple scenarios both pay to play (mandatory) and pay to win (optional).
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