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The Great Tree, The Seedmons, The SeederVerse
Once upon a time beyond our universe, there was a place with countless different species living together in harmony. This graceful land was called the SeederVerse. All living things there owe their existence to one powerful entity, The Great Tree. It was the first in the universe to exist and it has knowledge and power far greater than anything imaginable. Its seeds sprout new lifeforms, evolving alongside the species around it and many believe that it can grant that power to those it deems worthy.
Millions of years have passed since the dawn of The Great Tree and many life forms have evolved. Some bear great intelligence alongside advanced civilization and technology. However, the population of the SeederVerse was divided, two idealist factions came of the split, the futurist ForthSeekers and the realist SeedKeepers.
The two clashed upon the future of the SeederVerse, the ForthSeekers who want the advancement in the technology of the realm versus the SeedKeepers’ intent to keep the SeederVerse stabilized to prevent future debacles.
Both sides will need Champions to fight for their cause, which side will you join?


SeederVerse is a play-to-earn NFT strategy game where players can use a maximum of 4 Seedmons to form a team to start playing. To get their Seedmons, players can use LEAF to open gacha or trade with others on the marketplace. Each Seedmon has its own random stats and can be upgraded through several in-game methods.
There are several game plays — PVP and guild war to earn LEAF, limited Seedmons, and/or items; where the game will run on both on-chain and off-chain to ensure the smoothest game play as possible.
Players who have TREE can earn “Blooming rewards”, which is a share of all revenue generated from the game and other benefits.

Seedmon & Seedmon Tribes

Seedmon is the main character of the game where players can collect, form a team, and take part in various activities available in the game. Seedmon will be pre-designed graphics with different identities but the same Seedmon can have many different colors and tribes. Each also has different abilities and attributes.

Halfling Tribe

Description: A tribe of an imaginary race of small people. Their distinguishing feature is the ability to communicate and have a bigger brain than other races.
Pros: Strong Action Power and High Accuracy when attacking. Overall good in all formations.

Beast Tribe

Description: A tribe with various genetic traits. It is based on different types of wild animals, such as tigers, rhinos, wolves, bulls, etc.
Pros: Very Agile and Critical Attack ability. Good from the Defensive formation.

Plant Tribe

Description: A tribe that existed from the very beginning of the genesis seed distribution. The distinctive feature is its roots that are rooted under the ground. Some were able to move its branches as its arms. They have large bodies and are the most knowledgeable among all tribes. Most of them won’t be able to move. But if you want to move it, you have to root-out and use their roots as legs which is time consuming. It also takes a long time to get rooted in the ground again. Therefore, this tribe usually stays still and observes the evolution of surrounding Seedmons.
Pros: High in Healing and Defense abilities. Great as a frontline in a formation


Fire Element

Base Color: Red
Description: Seedmon living in an inhabitable area like lava volcanoes are able to evolve with the environment and use that power to attack.
Bonus Damage:
+25% vs Wind
-25% vs Water
— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

Water Element

Base Color: Blue
Description: Seedmon that lives in an underwater world. They adapted to their surroundings and eventually absorbed water as part of their evolution.
Bonus Damage:
+25% vs Fire
-25% vs Wind
— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

Wind Element

Base Color: Green
Description: Seedmon who lives on a steep mountain hill with heavy storms where they adapt to such weather conditions and be able to draw the wind as part of living and culture.
Bonus Damage:
+25% vs Water
-25% vs Fire
— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —
Element: Light
Base Color: White & Gold
Description: Seedmon that lives under the sunshine for most of the day. They have the ability to transform lights into powers.
Bonus Damage:
+25% vs Shadow
-25% vs Light
— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —
Element: Shadow
Base Color: Black & Purple
Description: Seedmons hardly get sunlights. They live in the area under the shadow of ‘The Great Tree’ so that they can’t live a normal life under sunshines. They are great in the dark, not under the bright sunshine.
Bonus Damage:
+25% vs Light
-25% vs Shadow