SEEDER Finance


At SEEDER Finance, we take security concerns as our highest priority as we believe that users funds should, at the end of the day, belong to the users - not hackers. With all the news in the recent attacks, we have decided to implement our platform in a way that would protect all users from those attacks such as:
  • Flash Loan Attacks - SEEDER is free from any flash loan attacks as our reward mechanism is not dependent on the price, hence, it CAN NOT be manipulated
  • Code Duplication - we DO NOT believe in copying codes from other platforms because we would lose any control on how things get implemented and that's the source of unknown issues arising from the ‘master copy’
  • Immutability - We made sure every part of our platform including the reward plan is immutable once the contracts are deployed
  • Standard - every line of code was written using the most matured standard libraries available to avoid common mistakes
And with every release of our code, we will run a Community Acceptance Test (CAT) Campaign to allow users to look at the code and help safeguard the community even more
FULLY AUDITED! We are fully audited by Inspex and prelim audited by Thaichain.
The Final Report can be found >>> here.