SEEDER Finance


At Launch June 4, 2021:
  • Launch of – next generation Defi platform
  • LEAF Token Fair Launch with EXTREME reward starting June 4, 2021 (2 week campaign)
  • Launch single asset pool for planting
  • Launch LEAF-BNB PancakeSwap LP planting pool
  • Support for MetaMask wallet
  • Deployment time delay while Auditing in progress
  • Deflationary mechanism implementation first stage
updated roadmap Q3
Q3 2021:
  • Launch LEAF Planting Pool..... DONE!
  • Launch Leverage feature on LEAF-BNB feature moved to >> 2022
  • Launch Blooming Rewards feature (See Blooming Rewards for details)
  • Audit complete..... DONE!
  • List on Coingecko & Coinmarketcap..... DONE!
  • List on DEX & CEX..... DONE! (CEX coming soon)
  • *** LEAF4FUN (SeederVerse) feature moved up from 2022 to Q3
    • Roadmap announced with Alpha Tester criteria
Q4 2021:
  • Add support for Binance Chain wallet..... DONE! (Wallet Connect)
  • SeederVerse Alpha, Beta Test and v.1 Launch
  • Launch stable coins Planting Pool (**The stable coin pool will no longer be launched due to the launch plan for SeederVerse)
  • Launch additional Leverage on stable coins pool (**The leverage feature will no longer be launched due to the launch plan for SeederVerse)
  • Blooming Rewards on other Planting Pools
  • List on other major Exchanges
  • Farming Festival Season 2 - New Rewards!!
  • Launch Auto compounding feature for LEAF planting pool
  • Launch SEEDER governance token
  • Launch LEAF4FUND feature (details coming soon)
  • Launch LEAFSET feature (details coming soon)
  • Launch LEAF2PLAY feature ***update: Launch LEAF4FUN (SeederVerse main game will launched Q32021 as part of the Blooming Rewards feature)
  • Launch NFT Seeds (details coming soon)
  • Partnerships with other Lending Platforms