SEEDER Finance

Project & Team

Why is the project anonymous?

Like many decentralized projects today, the most valuable characteristic being portrayed is the anonymous nature of the users and platform. As we offer a number of unique features across different cryptocurrencies, we want the strength of our project to come from innovation, simplicity, and FUN. Personalities get in the way of great projects, and we believe that SEEDER.Finance speaks for itself.
This anonymity allows us to work much more freely in providing the best experience for our users in order to cope with rules and regulations regarding the purchase, sale, and handling of cryptocurrencies around the world.

How can I get in touch with the team?

As many other projects around the world, we have our community managers readily available that can be contacted through our community Telegram Group and our Official Telegram Channel
PLEASE be advised that we will never DM you first so unless you ask us questions, we will not bother you - most SCAMs happen in this manner. Hence, please always double-check the validity of the identity of whoever you converse with in the group and always set the Who can add me feature under Groups and Channels to My Contacts to prevent scammers to add you.
Again, we will never ask you to provide your private wallet keys or recovery phrases under any circumstances - EVER!.