SEEDER Finance

How does it work?

The A-B-C of SEEDER Finance
As a user (Seeder), you can participate in SEEDER Finance in these steps:
Get Seeds: You can earn safe and stable returns on your base assets by acquiring Seeds from the platform, Seeds are to be Planted in order to earn an awesome return.
  • Normal Seeds – normal seeds are not fertilized and hence will produce a lower number of LEAF in return; normal seeds are ones without any LEAF
  • Fertilized Seeds – Seeds are considered fertilized once they are combined with LEAF. This will help accelerate the growth during the planting period - such as LEAF-BNB seeds and Fertilized Seeds will be introduced in the future
  • Super Seeds - These are LEAF seeds which yield the most rewards and will be used for other Blooming Rewards in the future
Plant Seeds: Seedians can start planting their seeds or can borrow seeds from the seed pool to plant - the more you plant the more you earn! The more you plant the more LEAF is produced. Remember, the Fertilized and Super Seeds will also produce an accelerated rate of LEAF.
Pluck LEAF: Once your plant becomes saplings and continue to grow into a full tree, LEAF can be plucked by Seeders as rewards for all the efforts and hard work of planting those Seeds!!
The Blooming Rewards
The more exciting aspects of Seeders besides the plain and simple staking and earning rewards are the gamification that we have in store for our users. Just to give you a teaser, Seeders of the LEAF planting pool can earn an extra reward by just holding and planting their LEAF. In the near future, we will introduce different plants represent a different level of wealth that they can create for Seeders.
Stay tuned - more to come on this soon!
The Fee Structure
We are starting off with the following fee structure:
  1. 1.
    2% fee to get your seeds (just like buying seeds)
  2. 2.
    2% fee to revert your seeds - why would you want to do this anyway?!?