SEEDER Finance


What is SEEDER.Finance?

SEEDER.Finance is a Defi Platform allowing leveraged yield farming on Binance Smart Chain. It allows users to make the most returns and profits from seeding and farming and activities throughout the platform.

What is TREE concept?

TREE is another pool that can only be converted from your Locked LEAF (or Fertilized Seeds). Once you convert to TREE, you can plant your TREE for multiplier APR. TREE holders are considered FARM Owners with different Ownership Levels and Benefits. See Blooming Rewards section for more details.

When is the BURN event?

Buybacks happen throughout the week and the BURN will be done on Sunday started June 13, 2021. The 1st BURN, we sent 395,280 to address 0 approx. $47,433 in value.

What is the Locking period of LEAF and when can i get that?

In order for SEEDER to ensure the long term sustainability of LEAF Tokens, all LEAF rewards are distributed with 30% freely available and tradable on PancakeSwap immediately after plucking the reward. And 35% have a 15 day lockup and another 35% having a 30 day lockup period. The unlocking of LEAF will be shown when the Blooming Rewards feature is deployed.

When will Leverage yield farming be available?

We are working to bring you top notched service and Leverage yield farming is on the top of our list. The Leverage will come from sdBNB and LP tokens at 1st phase launch. We will detail out more as we have the exact launch date in 2022

What is the vision of SEEDER and $LEAF?

A Ce-De-Fi bridge with a 2 track strategy:
1. LEAF4FUN - the Fun part of the platform where Seedians (users of the platform) can be like Mike (our Bull mascot) and start seeding, planting, and farming for yields. Seedians can also become Farm Owners and share platform revenue by collecting enough Locked LEAF and turn them into TREE. SEEDER, similar to Roblox, provides the utility such as planting pools, reward tokens, NFT Rewards, oracle services, etc.. for game developers to easily host their games on the platform and earn fees. The more games on the platform, the more Farm Owners can earn revenue. In addition, SEEDER is launching SeederVerse, an NFT play-to-earn gaming platform in 2021.
2. LEAF4FUND - the Fund part is where SEEDER platform connects with reputable crypto VC firms and represent their investment funds as a set of Fund Tokens within the platform. Seedians can convert their LEAF into these Fund Tokens which is identical to putting their money into the Funds, hence, creating a real world return of their investment.

Who are SEEDER's partners?

We have partners with various DeFi and gaming platforms. We are also working on a few NFT partnerships that will drive future value and utility of LEAF. These partnerships have been selected in order to provide Seedians the confidence and trust in our platform.

What is the current Tokenomics?

There current LEAF Token is primarily used as governance token for Seedians to receive APR rewards. LEAF can also be used in the expanded ecosystem of gaming partners and other Defi partners. Please see the Tokenomics section for further details on the complete LEAF Tokenomics.

Is SEEDER Audited?

FULLY AUDITED! We are fully audited by Inspex and prelim audited by Thaichain.
The Final Report can be found >>> here.

What can I do with LEAF?

LEAF will have multiple utilities within the SEEDER ecosystem. Starting in Q2 and Q3, LEAF can be spent in our partner sites for gaming purposes. In addition, LEAF can also be used to acquire Seedmons (NFT characters) within the platform to be used in SeederVerse - more to come in Q32021.
In 2022, we will expand our use case from Gaming into Fund by creating a representation of the Fund as tokens within the platform for users to invest in.

What are sdTokens?

sdTokens are used to keep track of the funds that have been deposited as well as any interests earned. As Seedians deposit funds into a planting pool, they are issued a corresponding balance in sdTokens. This balance of the sdTokens is directly proportional to the stake they have in the planting pool, which accrues interests every block.
Each planting pool has its own sdToken; for example, if a user lends BNB to the protocol, they will receive a corresponding balance of sdBNB.

What are SEEDER milestones for 2021?

  1. 1.
    Execute our roadmap according to our overall vision
  2. 2.
    Drive for gaming revenue and share the revenue with our token holders
  3. 3.
    List on a Tier 1 Exchange to drive more liquidity of the tokens
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